Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Technical problems

I havent posted any reviews in a while due to the lack of stereo. I dont have computer speakers, just a bass amp that only plays music in mono instead of stereo, so I havent been able to give each record I've been checking out a fair review.

As far as records I've heard through only ONE speaker, here is a couple suggestions. When I get speakers I'll do a proper review.

Laura Stevenson & the cans- Sit/Resist

Low anthem- Smart flesh

Wye Oak- Civilian

Yuck- S/t

Panda Bear- Tomboy
Bands Im excited to hear from this year

Against Me!(7 inch, demos from Searching for a former clarity, and possible new full length

Manchester Orchestra(the new single was alright, I hold out high hopes for the full length)

The wonder years(released a new single, possible new full length)

I realize that isnt a very long list of things to check out, so here is a few albums that came out that I dont really like or care about, but some people do

Death cab for cutie, Pains of being pure at heart, and Explosions in the sky all have new releases this year. I care a little more about the later two than the first, but only slightly. I checked out a song or two from Pains' new record and wasnt really into it.

I can never handle Explosions for more than one track at a time. As far as post rock goes, I think of them as the Angels and airwaves of the genre. Lots of delay, predictable, but a really cool sound and a great band to check out if you are un familiar with post rock.

Ill have those reviews up soon :)


WCDC Chair Neal Harkness said...

The Pains album seems to me like your typical second album. It's too much like the first one to be exciting, not enough like it to be as good.

lostinthestreetlights said...

The single I heard from the new record gave me the same vibe. Have you checked out yuck? Its pretty heavy on the dina jr influence. You might be into it!